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When someone is going to try gambling he has a lot of questions. This is absolutely normal because his knowledge is zero at this time. That is the main reason why streamers appeared. They act as a personal guide who can help people to plunge into the gambling world. Streamers are an element that has become so popular on the Internet. ClassyBeef is a group of such people helping people all over the world. 

Beginning of ClassyBeef Career

Everything started a few years ago when two guys found out that they have the same interests. They both liked gaming. Then they decided they needed someone else and recruited three more guys. In 2019 the Internet audience got to know the ClassyBeef Twitch channel. Four men are focused on playing slot machines commenting on the whole gameplay. Besides this hobby, they go in for go-karting and other types of entertainment. Thus, ClassyBeef Casino Streamer is your reliable friend to gamble with. 

Now every confirmed gambler is familiar with ClassyBeef. Of course, from the very beginning, they had no such popularity. Their audience was negligibly small. They had no experience and even were a simple unserious group of people. Such an attitude certainly prevented them to grow professionally. At the very beginning, they started with small stakes. Yet, as time went on, they could achieve good results. They became more serious about their work. 

Way to Success

ClassyBeef Streamer started eventually to gain popularity. They learned to be more informative and useful for their audience. Thanks to them, users know which slot machines to play on. These funny guys like to interact with people who are watching them. They answer all sorts of questions and make jokes. Sometimes they even encourage their viewers. So, the ClassyBeef stream turns into an interesting show to watch. 

Now ClassyBeef is an excellent project in the field of gambling. On YouTube, ClassyBeef is well-known as well. They use this platform as an additional source of income. Many gamblers do the same. ClassyBeef have their YouTube channel with about 7 thousand subscribers. All ClassyBeef’s live streaming translations are entertaining and exciting. 

One more source of income of ClassyBeef is advertising. They earn by advertising this or that casino, software provider, and so on. The group has a few affiliate links that also help them to make money. They need just to share the link and once someone clicks it, the casino pays their interest. ClassyBeef also gets money by making videos that are sponsored by various brands. 

It is evident that the group has become successful and is not intended to stop. The project takes a lot of effort to support such a status. Now they are much more than simple guys who like to play slot machines. They have become an independent prosperous project. 

Biggest Wins

When gaming, all the participants of ClassyBeef follow one principle. They try to make small bets but it does not prevent them to win big prizes. Plus, they always know when to risk and to make more serious bets. They often regularly try new slots. That is why you’ll never get bored with them. They always create a friendly atmosphere. Besides, they explain how this or that slot machine acts. Also, they comment on each movement and give some advice. That is why their streaming translations are not only entertaining. They are informative for all types of players. 

Among all ClassyBeef’s wins, it is possible to distinguish the three largest wins. The first win belongs to Joe who played Punk Rocker slot. At first, he bet of €10 per spin and then bought the bonus round for as much as €2,440. The round name was ‘Civil War’. The first spin brought him €48. Then luck was on his side and he could hit 25x obtaining five Mixing Board symbols together. This results in €3,120. The following 5x and plenty of Molotov Cocktail symbols bring him 28,800 euros. Of course, Joe is excited and inspired. He even cannot believe he could win so much. However, that was not the end. Two last spins – Joe receives €488 along with €400 more. Finally, he wins €10 more and this sum completes his gameplay. As a result, Joe has won €33 029. Just imagine how happy he was! 

An owner of the second big win is also Joe. At this time, he played Vikings Unleashed Megaways. Like in the previous game, he bought the bonus round. He paid €500 and bet €5 per spin. This helped him to win 27 spins and a 10x multiplier. Then he was not so lucky. Joe was upset because there were about ten dead spins. When he was completely disappointed at the gameplay, he was even speechless. Suddenly he got a wonderful combination that brought him more than €20,000! Of course, he could not believe such an incredible outcome. Ultimately, Joe has won €20,589.

The third largest win belongs to a new member, Nando. He bet just €20 and could even miss the moment of winning. He was distracted by another game when unexpectedly won €100,000 by one click. The happy combination consisted of Apple symbols. By the way, he played on the 7×7 Fruit Party slot. 


The distinctive feature of ClassyBeef is its ability to risk. That is why it is so interesting to watch what they do. Guys like what they do and this becomes evident from the first minute. They express their opinion in a very interesting manner. It is not surprising that their audience expands day by day. 


Is ClassyBeef fake

ClassyBeef gambles in only verified casinos having a good reputation. They can both win a lot and lose a lot. Mostly, they play carefully being afraid to lose large sums. This confirms their honesty and that ClassyBeef and fake money are incompatible things. 

How to contact ClassyBeef?

There are a few ways how you can contact the group. You can always write an e-mail or via Skype. Also, the group has accounts in popular social networks. Feel free to find ClassyBeef Twitter, ClassyBeef Instagram, and of course, ClassyBeef YouTube.

How often do they lose?

They are common people like all of us. No one is immune to losses. ClassyBeef also loses periodically and of course, they are not glad. Sometimes they lose a lot due to high bets.

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