Biography of Jarttu84 Casino Streamer

Biography of Jarttu84 Casino StreamerStreaming is gaining popularity nowadays. Casino players frequently stream their game sessions. They gain a lot of views since many players want to see how other gamblers play. Some of them try to copy a streamer’s manner of play. In any case, it is possible to find a lot of casino streams on YouTube. Below, let’s see the biography of one of the most successful streamers. Today, we’re to talk about the Jarttu84 Streamer.

Beginning of Jarttu84 Career

Jarttu84 is a famous casino gamble from Tallinn. Like any other casino player, he started his path to success by trying slots. First, he spent time in land-based casinos. With the development of modern technologies, the player started to try his luck on gambling platforms. His streamer career began somewhere in 2017 when he decided to shoot a stream for the first time. The player continues this experience for over 3 years. 

Way to Success

As it was mentioned above, the gambler started his career from land-based casinos. Later, he turned to online gambling. Nowadays, the player is registered on all the popular social networks. 

The audience on YouTube comprises 42,5 thousands of followers. On Jarttu84 YouTube channel, followers can find vlogs from such casinos. The biggest wins are streamed in 4 videos. The player prefers slots although he also plays roulette from time to time. Roulette wins are also present on his channel. Fans can learn their favorite player from different sides as Jarttu84 also shoots his training. The man seems to be cheerful, sociable, and friendly.

The man shares his thoughts with subscribers on Twitter. Jarttu84 Twitter has 924 readers. There, he announces his streams, writes about bonuses and other topical news in the gambling world.

Jarttu84 Twitch is another popular online platform where fans can learn about upcoming events, biggest wins, and promotions. There, the player chats with followers, schedule streams, and tells about topical events. The gambler has 52,4 thousands of followers there.

Those, who want to follow the player in his everyday life, can subscribe to Jarttu84 Instagram. There, the gambler places information not only about betting and casino activity but also about his personal life. Followers can have a closer look at his private life, the way the man lives, places he goes to, etc. By the way, Jarttu84 is fond of traveling. He visits different countries to play land-based casinos and has rest. His audience on Instagram is 3 308 users.

Generally, he streamed his game sessions and uploaded videos on YouTube. He was lucky to win big money. That is why he became so popular. Now, let’s see what slots the player prefers to play and what the biggest wins are.

Biggest Wins

As we’ve found out the main part of his gambling career is dedicated to slots, although he also plays roulette. So, let’s consider both games.

The last biggest win of Jarttu84 Casino Streamer was on September 16, 2020, in the Book of Shadow slot by Nolimit City. It is a new slot released on 20.08.2020. The playing field is 5×5. The player gets 10 free spins at the beginning of the game session. Jarttu84 wins a few euros during the whole session. He didn’t know that the game has prepared a surprise for him. The last free spin is in process, and the man wins 20 000 euros!

Another record activity was fixed on July 11, 2020. The gambler played at White Rabbit. It is a Megaways slot. His bet is 20 euros. He managed to win 1 800 euros for one spin. Another spin gives the gambler 2 956 euros. 5 686 euros is added to his wallet during the next spin. Almost every subsequent spin is a mega win! The total win at White Rabbit is 89 710 euros. It’s incredible!

One more Jarttu84 stream shows the biggest win in a land-based casino. The action takes place in a huge offline casino. The streamer plays at Lucky Lady Charm 6. He bets 70 euros. He has 90 free spins. The 70th spin grants an x6 multiplier for all prizes won during additional 15 spins. The total win is 38 773 euros.

Now, let’s see Jattu 84’s experience in roulette and the biggest win in the table game. He plays in the live casino. A live dealer is on the screen. The game starts. The first bet is a losing one. The man is disappointed, but the game is in progress. The second session is a winning one. Black 11 is on the table. The player wins 14 400 euros. The total win is 77 000 euros.


To draw the line, it is necessary to say that the player is a lucky one. Many users claim that winnings are Jarttu84 fake money. But practice shows that the man really wins such funds. His followers (especially on Instagram) prove that his career is a real one.

What is the conclusion? There is no formula for success. Slots (and all casino activities) are a game of luck. A player can lose everything today and win a fortune the next day. But this is also not a common case. It is not guaranteed that you’ll win after losing. Thus, when starting your gambling experience, you should be ready for either big wins or big losses. Gaining big funds is always risky.

Jarttu84’s live streams demonstrate that everything is real. Not all his streams are full of insane wins. He also loses or wins little funds.


Is Jarttu84 fake?

Many users state that Jarttu84 has a fake account. Still, it is not so. Instagram followers can see the man in real life and watch for his activity. He posts not only casino banners but also photos from his private life. So, it becomes evident that the gambler is a real person.

How did he start his career?

Jarttu84 started to play at land-based casinos many years ago. When online gambling platforms started to gain popularity, he switched to online gambling. Nowadays, he alters games either at offline or online casinos.

What type of casino activity does the player prefer?

Jarttu84 gives preference to slots. Still, he also plays Live Roulette.

Where is he from?

The man lives in Tallinn but travels a lot.

What social networks does the gambler have?

Followers can find Jarttu84 on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Also, he has a YouTube channel.

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